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TMIPod w/ Shawn Arnold

Jul 2017

Ep. 14 - Help

Help.  Everyone needs it from time to time.  This is my story about depression.  Please listen.  Please share it.  Please don't be afraid to help yourselves or the people you love.  The stakes are too high if you don't.  If you are in a bad place, you're not alone, and you aren't the first, and there is a way out.  Much Love, Shawn

Jul 2017

Ep. 13 - Mike Massé

Professional musician Mike Massé has taken his unreal voice, a standing acoustic cover gig at The Pie Pizzeria in Utah, and a decision to start posting his live performances online and translated it into over 55 million views on his YouTube Channel and gigs all around the world.  His most popular video, an amazing cover of Africa by Toto, has been viewed over 8.6 million times alone.  We discuss playing covers, being a part of a true viral phenomenon, our first records, finding your own voice, playing partners, and stories from the road.

Find Mike at his website:

And his YouTube Channel:

Also, you can support Mike through his Patreon page:


Intro - A Postcard (From The Edge Of The World) by Wes Yoakam/Big Atomic from the album "4 Star Explosion". Available on iTunes

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