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Jun 2017

Ep. 12 - Chadwick Boyd

Television and film host, cookbook author (many times over), brand and marketing expert, and my personal go-to mentor for food projects, Episode 12 features Chadwick Boyd.  Having appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, & cable networks cooking with the likes of Art Smith, Harry Connick Jr., Trisha Yearwood, Dolly Parton and the crew at Good Morning America, as well as appearing at movie theaters all over the country with his Reel Food segement, Chadwick has become an ambassador for the joy of food and cooking all over the country.  We'll discuss how food takes you to places of great memories, the exploding area of food telelvision, and chasing your passions in life.  Also, we will play a fun game where I give Chadwick a chance to tell you great ideas for spicing up common dishes.  If you love food, you will love this one!  Enjoy!

Find Chadwick at, his Chadwick Boyd Facebook page, and @chadwickboyd on Twitter.

Intro - A Postcard (From The Edge Of The World) by Wes Yoakam/Big Atomic from the album "4 Star Explosion". Available on iTunes

Jun 2017

Ep. 11 - Gareth Asher

One of the most honest and thoughtful musicians I have ever known joins me for Episode 11.  Gareth Asher is a man that reveals his soul through his life as much as through his music, blazing a path through the universe completely of his own design and pace, all while inviting as many people as are willing to join him.  Over some number of glasses of wine, we'll discuss the strength of his family, covers vs. originals, learning life lessons, singing with idols, tattoos, snack foods, how I'm a dick, and, most importantly, how we all get to contribute a verse to the amazing song of life.  Enjoy!

Find Gareth at and @garethasher on Twitter.

Intro - I Release by Gareth Asher & The Earthlings, from the album "Here We Are". Available on iTunes.

The Host Is An Idiot Note:  Bismillah is an Arabic word meaning "in the name of God".  Scaramouche was what I was thnking of (the mime/clown character) when I was talking about Bohemian Rhapsody.  Sorry I'm dumb!

Jun 2017

Ep. 10 - Terry King

One of the first women to win a World Series of Poker bracelet, one of the first women to deal the Main Event at the World Series of Poker, and one of the crew running with Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson, Stu Unger, Johnny Chan and numerous other poker legends in old Las Vegas, Terry King joins me for the podcast.  We discuss a different era in poker, the television boom, how the community has changed, and what it was like spending her entire life around the game and the titans that helped it become what it is today.  Enjoy!

Intro - A Postcard (From The Edge Of The World) by Wes Yoakam/Big Atomic from the album "4 Star Explosion". Available on iTunes

Jun 2017

Ep. 9 - Vikki Locke

Joining me is the co-host of one of the most popular and longest running radio shows in Atlanta history, Vikki Locke from Steve & Vikki on Star 94.  We'll talk about the radio biz, getting suspended for pranks, the power of women, sexism in the workplace, changing your name, consuming pop culture, guys sending pictures of their junk, outing a cheater, Vikki's media company, and positive energy.  Also, VIKKI SAYS A SWEAR WORD!  Enjoy!

Intro - Deathbed (Na, Na, Na) by John Faye/IKE from the album Parallel Universe.  Available on iTunes

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